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Granny Shocks Everyone As Soon As She Started Swinging That Yellow Baseball Bat! LOL!





Staying upbeat with physical fitness is quite a challenge that not anybody could maintain and closely monitor. However, that is about to change as this granny proves that she’s not yet too old to show off her moves. Mind you, it was brilliantly surprising!

It all started as grandma walks towards the home plate. Slowly, she started swinging the yellow baseball bat, modestly acting as if it was still her good old glory days. As the young man pitches the ball, granny hit beyond what was expected of her – the ball almost hit the young man’s face! I bet he didn’t see that coming!

Watch the video here:

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Although it was a real moment of laughter, it’s a sad thing that not all our senior citizens are given the righteous amount of attention that they rightfully deserve. Instead, they are marginalized in our society and simply disregarded. Thanks to this sporty grandma, her athletic instincts still have the potential to remind the youngsters never to mess with a senior!

H/T: Little Things


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