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Kid Wins Epic Stare Down With Camera Man At Baseball Game






Most people would do anything to be on TV. When they realize that a camera pans their way, they would give their biggest smile, wave intensely, and even do some silly things to get noticed — well not this kid!

Just like any average fan that glances around the stands between pitches, the camera wanders too. And it’s in these moments when magic is captured. A young boy was just there to watch the game and support his favorite team, but what he did while he was there made him an internet sensation.

There’s the game on the field; then there’s the game within the game. Not between the batter and the pitcher, but between a cameraman and a young fan.

To break up the monotony of the game between swings, the broadcast cuts to a young boy, who takes the opportunity to turn it into TV gold.

It happened during an Omaha match-up between Texas Christian University (TCU) and Coastal Carolina. An ESPN camera was scanning the crowd when it came face-to-lens with an adorable, freckle-faced kid who was staring right back at it.

When the kid realized the camera’s operator is focused on him, he gave the camera an intense, unblinking glare for several seconds. He then started shimmying his shoulders and raised his eyebrows while smirking at the camera.

The kid continued his relentless staring for about a minute, not blinking at all the entire time.

You’ve got to hand it to this kid because lots of people have and will try this, but it always ends in the same way: the person trying to hold the stare down always cracking a smile, most likely because of feeling awkward or out of sudden embarrassment.

As expected (and much-deserved) the young boy became a new viral superstar.

Watch the video here:

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Well played kid, well played.

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