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Photoshopper Hilariously Recreates Game of Thrones Characters as Chinese Street Vendors






Game of Thrones is SO big that memes and image manipulations have been done in all sorts of ways possible. The most diligent Photoshoppers can turn the images of any GOT characters and turn them into something else entirely. This is what Chinese Photoshop expert @青红造了个白 did – he turned our beloved GOT players into common street vendors in China.

Imagine the Queen of the Seven Kingdoms selling carrots on the street or the Lady of Winterfell selling barbecued meat in a stall. If you’re having a hard time picturing these in your mind, the hilarious photos below will certainly help!

You can only hope that there are no human bits in whatever the heck Arya is cooking here.

Sansa selling sausages reminds of what her second husband did to Theon.

Bran knows who will not pay.

You wouldn’t dare steal anything from what Brienne is selling.

Let me just say Tyrion looks mighty cute in that outfit and makeshift baskets.

Even when dressed humbly and selling crops, Cersei still looks haughty as fudge.

Now be careful with that hand, Jaime!

I wouldn’t want to mess with Bron when he’s holding a butcher’s knife. I wouldn’t mess with Bron, period.

Why you look so glum, Sam?

Somehow the idea of Littlefinger reading my fortune terrifies me.

If there’s someone who can sell anything to anyone, it’s Varys.

You know, Davos would look perfect as a cobbler.

Hoping to impress Brienne with that, Tormund?

With the help of that megaphone, Melissandre will broadcast what she just saw in the fire.

Not sure about this, is The Hound selling/collecting junk?

Hey, it’s Reek…I mean, Theon!

Whatever it is you’re selling, Daario, I will buy it!

Jorah is taking some time off from hauling fish to moon about the Dragon Queen.

She’s going to sell those dimsum while speaking in High Valyrian.

Do I have to bend the knee to get my phone fixed, Stannis?

Just let Drogon breathe on those, Dany. Saves you half the time cooking.

Even as a vendor, Jon is still a brooding dreamboat!

No, thanks, Night King. I’m good.

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