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Funny Dog Makes Internet Laugh After Stealing Dentures

Folks, keep your dentures away from your dogs!


We’ve always thought we couldn’t love dogs any more than we already do. And yet here we are! One pooch recently gained viral fame on social media after showing everyone how hilarious she is. As you can tell from the title, this adorable animal stole an old woman’ s dentures – and then rocked it like it was her own.

This funny story was shared by Anna Carolina Lima, a 27-year-old psychology student, who took the time to visit her grandmother in her home at Minas Gerais, Brazil. During her visit, Anna took her dog Luna and the pup immediately felt at home.

Anna later left her pet as she headed out to shop and then something strange happened: grandma’s dentures mysteriously went missing.

According to grandma, she remembered placing the dentures under her pillow as she always does. She and Anna’s mom spent hours searching everywhere but they still failed to find the lost teeth.

Eventually, they spotted Luna biting the denture and seemingly grinning at them for all the trouble she has caused.

As if that wasn’t enough, Luna didn’t let the women get a hold of the dentures right away as she later vanished and hid the teeth.

“She is very clever, she picks things up and hides them,” shared Anna.

After several hours, the happy dog was seen playing but didn’t have the dentures with them. Eventually, they saw her in the sofa while playing with the teeth. The pup is still biting them and won’t let them go.

Fortunately, Anna successfully distracted Luna and she was able to take the dentures away, which, amazingly, remained undamaged although the animal played with them for a long period of time.

So yes, everything ended on a happy note. “We all laughed a lot,” said Anna. “We all love animals.”


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