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6 of the Funniest Amazon Customer Reviews Ever

You may not be expecting it but some Amazon reviews are really extremely hilarious!


While online shopping is undoubtedly convenient and fun, one of its obvious disadvantages is that you, as a buyer, never get the chance to inspect an item up close until you’ve already paid for it and its already been shipped to your address.

Sure, you can check out the pictures and the detailed descriptions that come with each item but sometimes, there are just instances when a product just simply fails to meet your expectations. Just ask those buyers we’ve previously featured in our online shopping fails compilation and we bet you’ll understand what we mean.

Now one good thing about shopping via Amazon is that you get the benefit of reading reviews posted by other users. Of course, reviews are always helpful in cases when you are trying to determine whether a product is worth buying or not. When an item has lots of positive reviews, then that’s a good indication that you won’t be wasting your money when you make the purchase.

There are, however, certain instances when some reviews stand out for the one strange reason – they’re downright hilarious!

While an unexpected dose of laughter may not exactly be what you’re looking for when you read reviews, you’d be surprised when you take a closer look at what some buyers have written on Amazon.

Don’t believe us? Scroll down below and see for yourself:

#1. It’s an absolute agony!

#2. A misleading book.

#3. Visions of fairies and rainbows.

#4. God’s second novel.

#5. Our marriage has never been healthier – thanks to the Banana Slicer!

#6. You have been duly warned.

So the next time you’re shopping online, be sure to keep your eyes peeled for some of the weirdest and funniest reviews out there.

In case you’ve already encountered some, please feel free to share them with us in the comment section.


18 Least Helpful But Most Hilarious Police Sketches You’ll Ever See

Imagine the police’s reaction when they see these sketches.

One can only imagine the pure talent a composite sketch artist has. Just think about how these artists can amazingly recreate a person – the criminal – through details provided by the eyewitnesses. That said, a good quality facial composite is important to help track down a perpetrator and hopefully solve the crime.

However, there are times that things could go wrong and the sketch ends up looking less like a human. It's also in the way an eyewitness conveys the information. In that case, if the details were not properly explained, the sketch will turn out to be a disaster and the artist can’t really do much in helping solve a crime. The sketches you’ll see below are the least helpful - but totally hilarious -- you would wonder where the police got them.

#1. One would wonder if he approved of that sketch.

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30 Hilarious Photo Edits By Korean Photoshop Trolls

#4 and #21 made my day!

If you have ever seen the work of James Fridman, you’d be fully aware by now that asking for free Photoshop help over the internet isn’t exactly the wisest of ideas. This photo editor trolls people who make free requests and churns out insanely hilarious results.

Well apparently, Fridman’s kind has multiplied on the web as several Korean guys are following his footsteps. One Facebook page called We Do Phosop (yes, you read it right – that’s not a typo) offers free Photoshop editing help for interested individuals. The catch, however, is that they’d either take your requests literally or just simply give them a funny spin.

Check out some samples of their work below and prepare to have a hearty laugh!

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Angry Pedestrian Gets Instant Karma, Walks Into A Light Pole

That’s got to hurt!

Being out on the road, whether as a driver or as a pedestrian, can be very stressful at times. We all have to deal with inconsiderate and rule-breaking road users now and then. They can absolutely ruin our day, if not put our lives in serious danger. This explains the growing road rage cases that are being documented.

When someone cuts in front of you or almost runs you over, anger can be the first reaction. But we say it pays to keep your emotions in check when out on the road. It can sure save you from a lot of trouble.

Just take a look at this guy who gets instant karma while throwing a fit.

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