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11 People Who Regret Their Hilarious Online Shopping Fails





While online shopping can be very convenient, there are some obvious downsides to it as well. One is the security of your purchase since hackers and phishers are always lurking in every corner of the web. Another disadvantage is the fact that you haven’t actually seen or touched the product in person.

You know how impulsive buying can get you in trouble in the real world? Well, it also works in the virtual world. So before clicking that buy or add to cart icon, you might want to check out these hilarious mistakes some online shoppers made and avoid breaking your heart in disappointment because of your purchase.

1. The look in this cat’s face is sheer disappointment.

Source: Life Buzz

The owner of the cat probably panicked after seeing the “Only 1 left in stock” notice, ignoring the fact that the distributor sells ‘doll houses’ and ‘miniatures.

Source: Amazon
2. Spare your pets the horror and disappointment and check the descriptions carefully!

This shopper bought ‘large’ for his dog, only it was ‘large for a chihuahua.’

3. This looks more like a coaster than a carpet.

4. At least the cat’s happy she has a new backpack.

5. Another happy cat at the expense of other’s online shopping fail.

6. This is the reason why it is important to always read the customer’s review. Unless you’re the first one to buy it, then you’re screwed.

7. Again, we would like to stress the importance of checking the dimensions because it could either be too small…

Source: Amazon
8. …Or too big!

Source: Reddit
9. Well, this one is just plain cruel.

10. But we really couldn’t decide which is crueler.

11. Lesson learned: That ‘one-size fits all’ doesn’t fit all!

Source: Bored Panda

To sum it all up, next time you purchase online, check the size, read the description and customer’s review. Unless you want to be featured on the next epic shopping fails, save your money and be smart while buying online.

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