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Badass Father Teaches Son a Tough Lesson After Learning He Wants to Join a Gang.





Fathers want their kids to have good lives by being honest and responsible citizens. They only want the best, and will do anything to achieve that. But what if a father overhears his son’s plan of joining a gang and living the life of a gangster? We thought it would be ridiculous, but we never expected such emotions and profanity like the one in the video below.

In the clip below, the father explained to his son what ‘gangbanging’ is, and how it is truly like to be a part of a gang. Selling drugs, wasting life, and doing nothing but ridiculousness.

He even forcefully smacked and attacked his son with words of disgust. In the end, the father faced the camera, and challenged anyone who is planning to recruit his son by saying,

Any of you moth****kers who’re coming for my kids… you can see me.

Watch the video:

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The viral video gained different opinions. Some netizens argued that the father went too far inflicting physical and maybe psychological harm to his own son, but there are also those who point out that what happened to the kid is far gentler compare to what he’ll possibly get if he actually joins a gang.

What do you think? Did the father take it too far, or what he did was just right? Share your thoughts and opinions in the comment section below.

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