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Dad Gets Punched And Kicked By Wild Kangaroo After Trying To Defend His Kids




  • A scary footage shows a father getting punched and kicked by a wild kangaroo.
  • He tried shooing the animal to protect his children.
  • The video went viral online and was even picked up by the media.

A viral video shows us how a wild kangaroo attacked a father who was trying to defend his children from the animal. According to reports, the said footage was taken in South West Rocks, Australia.

Mitchell Robinson was shooing the marsupial away so it won’t harm his kids when he spotted it digging holes in their front yard. The animal didn’t like that at all.

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The male kangaroo immediately turned to him to give him a quick punch and a kick, causing him to fall on the ground.

Tina Grace Rowe, a friend of the family, described the kangaroo as massive and had big chest. Fortunately, Mitchell did not sustain any serious injuries.

Watch this video report by 7News Australia:

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“More of the animals are trekking into the suburbs in search of food after the Black Summer fires destroyed their habitat,” a report said.

Experts often urge people to just leave kangaroos alone in case they find any. As Ian Temby of the Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning explained, kangaroo attacks are quite rare but they could happen. And they could be fatal in certain circumstances.

Temby said:

“Just get away from it as fast as you can.

“If you’re standing up, the kangaroo can kick you with its hind feet and that can pretty much rip you open. That’s extremely dangerous.

“You need to crouch down low and back away, get away, and get a bush or a tree between you and the kangaroo. It’s not going to chase you far.”

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