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Hot Girl Wears A Fat Suit On Her Blind Dates And Gets Totally Surprising Reactions From The Men!





When finding a partner becomes too much of a burden, well guess what, a marvelous smart phone app can also do that for you. It seems like every single problem of the human race has a corresponding app that can help resolve it. However, we need to be careful about all the things we find online as we can never know which are accurate and which are not.

Online dating has become the norm, starting from the teenagers to adults. One of the most popular dating apps is called Tinder, an online platform where users may find potential partners all around the world. In this social experiment we found, a group of guys wanted to know how men will react if the hot girl they saw on Tinder is a little heavier than her profile picture. So they got the help of their friend Sarah and transformed her into a fat lady with the help of a fat suit and all the makeup to make it even more realistic.

Watch the video here:

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Being fat should not, by all means, be a hindrance to a satisfying social experience. Physical appearance may be a factor but we should all remember that what’s inside is what truly matters. Furthermore, we think that this experiment was able to showcase how most people on dating apps are more geared towards physical attractiveness and care less about real friendships or deep relationships.

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