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Keanu Reeves Goes Public With First Girlfriend in Decades

We think they look good together!

  • Keanu Reeves has been spotted walking hand in hand with Alexandra Grant in a Los Angeles art event.
  • Reeves, who hasn’t dated for years, has surprised fans everywhere.
  • The Hollywood star is 55 while the silver-haired artist is 46.

Sorry, girls! It looks like the internet’s favorite boyfriend – who also happens to be the nicest guy in Hollywood – is officially off the market.

As the photos prove it, Canadian actor Keanu Reeves has been spotted at the LACMA Art + Film Gala in Los Angeles holding hands with award-winning artist Alexandra Grant. By the looks of it, the couple’s first public appearance together has drawn mixed reactions from netizens.

Is she actually older than Keanu?

Some fans were immediately happy for Canadian celebrity and gushed about the idea that he may have finally found love after a long time of being single. Others even commented that the couple look good together and “Keanu deserves to be happy.”

Meanwhile, there are also those who aren’t exactly enthusiastic about the news and went as far as questioning Grant’s age because of her silver hair.
Well the thing here is: those who assumed that are clearly wrong since Grant is 46 while the John Wick star is 55. So he’s older by almost a decade!

Not exactly a ‘new’ girl in Keanu’s life.

According to reports, the pair have known each other for a long time and may have been secretly dating for years. They have collaborated in several projects such as in the 2011 “grown-up picture book” Ode to Happiness where Grant provided artworks for Reeves’ words. In 2016, they worked again in a photo book entitled Shadows. A year after that, the two co-founded X Artists’ Books, a small, Los Angeles-based publishing company.

‘Sad Keanu’ no more!

We’re definitely happy for the couple.

Check out this video:

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