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12-Year Old Boy Might Be The Youngest Tattoo Prodigy But His Works Show His Badass Skills

Donna Marie Padua





There’s this inspirational quote that says, “If there’s even a slight chance at getting something that will make you happy, risk it. Life’s too short, and happiness is too rare.” This is probably how a young teen feels about his newly-discovered passion and he is not letting his age hinder him from becoming great at it.

A 12-year-old teen from Panama named Ezrah Dormon, who is now known as “The Shark”, was inspired by an artist who did his mother’s tattoo in Honolulu. As Ezrah watched his mom being tattooed, he had this thought of wanting to try it.

Ezrah Dormon first fell in love with doing tattoos when his mom got inked and tried to participate in coloring the piece.

Ezrah Dormon was only 11 when a tattoo shop owner got him as an apprentice.

Ezrah is now known as “The Shark” in the tattoo world.

Source: Ezrah Dormon

The owner of the tattoo shop, Ali Garcia, noticed Ezrah’s interest in doing tattoo, so she let this young man fill in some parts of his mom’s tattoo. With his mom’s permission, Ezrah “The Shark” took the chance to pick up the ink gun and he started filling his mother’s skin.

Ezrah has been practicing with basic designs but is looking forward to creating more complicated works soon.

This young boy is working really hard in learning to mix colors for his next tattoos.

Ezrah since got fascinated and felt fulfilled after his first try. The desire for doing some more tattoo works then started to grow within him. This young teen recently posted on social media thanking everyone for the support and encouragement he has been receiving. He also mentioned on the post that he wants to be called as a real tattoo artist someday.

Ezrah couldn’t believe all the support he’s getting from people these days.

On another post shared by Ezrah, he wrote:

“I just completed my first full tattoo on a real person and that was super exciting.”

Ezrah’s been practicing to draw and paint not only on paper but also on grapefruits and oranges.

Now working as a tattoo apprentice, Ezrah aims to do one painting a week and share the experience on his Facebook account.

He is now able to color pieces and is feeling proud with every finished tattoo.

As of late, Ezrah has already tattooed over 20 people! BoredPanda also shared that he has even tattooed his math teacher which made him felt more fulfilled. The owner of the tattoo shop taught him lots but basic designs such as panthers, swallows, snakes, roses and sharks later became his signature designs.

Still, there are others who doubt his talents because of his young age. Despite that, Ezrah is working hard to keep growing in this new hobby.

Ezrah is probably the youngest tattoo artist in the world today and he’s determined to keep getting better at it.

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