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Drake Surpasses The Beatles’ Billboard Record, Mocks Them In His New Tattoo




  • Drake has officially unseated The Beatles in two Billboard records.
  • He got a tattoo mocking the Fab Four and now fans are angry about it.

How would you feel if you were an artist and you’ve been told that you have successfully broken not just one but two records set by The Beatles? You’d probably be thrilled, right? And you’d probably celebrate.

Besides, The Beatles is one of the most respected musical groups in history and they’ve written many timeless tunes that remain well-loved across the world today such as All You Need Is Love, Come Together, Hello Goodbye, Hey Jude, I Want To Hold Your Hand, Let It Be, Yellow Submarine, and Yesterday, among many others. So we can’t blame Drake for rejoicing when he recently surpassed the band in their Billboard 100 spots.

Drake just broke several Billboard records set by The Beatles.

Back in 1964, The Beatles achieved a Billboard chart record for simultaneously having 5 of their songs in the Hot 100’s top 10. Eventually, Drake was able to get the crown upon the release of his Scorpion album as he was able to churn out 7 hit songs in the Hot 100 Top 10 in 2018.

Moreover, Drake likewise became the artist with the second most Hot 100 Top 10 tracks with 35 songs, another record previously held by The Beatles. Madonna remains to be the record holder with 38 tunes in the Hop 100 Top 10.

So Drake thought it would be nice to get a tattoo mocking the Fab Four – and people aren’t exactly happy about it.

Fans expressed outrage over Drake’s new tattoo for making fun of The Beatles.
“I got more slaps than The Beatles,” he proudly proclaimed.

As you can see in the image above, the tattoo depicts Drake walking ahead of the English rock n’ roll band.

The controversial skin art spoofs the iconic cover of Abbey Road, the 11th studio album of The Beatles.

Understandably, numerous Beatles fans called out the Canadian rapper for the disrespectful tattoo.

As one angry commented:

“I would be so embarrassed to have that tattoo. The Beatles made hits without the help of the internet and streaming platforms. Their songs are still played to this day, Drake can never compare.”

Another simply said:

“This is what you call a massive ego.”

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