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30 Simple and Extreme Tattoo Designs For Your Neck




  • Skin art has achieved wider respect and acceptance these days.
  • Here are some amazing neck tattoo designs if you’re looking for inspiration.

Tattoos aren’t only a means of self-expression. They’re also considered by practitioners and enthusiasts alike as an art form.

Fortunately, skin art has gone mainstream and it has gotten wider acceptance from the general public. In fact, there’s lesser discrimination against tattooed individuals these days and even studies confirm that getting inked really isn’t an obstacle to getting good jobs in the world of employment.

When getting inked, a person has to decide not only the design but also which part of the body he or she wants to have it.

For instance, some people want to keep their tattoos private and so they have it on their upper arm, torso, back, or chest. Others, however, are more daring and have no problems being seen with their tats.

If you’re more like the latter and you’ve contemplated about having tattoos on your neck, we’ve got a few photos for you.

Check out these cool neck tattoo designs as compiled by BoredPanda. Go tell us which ones are your personal favorites!

#1. Here’s a nice minimalist neck tattoo.
#2. This one’s a bit bolder and louder.
#3. Railway track
#4. Raven tattoo
#5. A girl and a constellation
#6. Cute elephant tattoo
#7. Blue bird
#8. Lotsa hexagons!
#9. This one’s really trippy.
#10. Neck flower
#11. Perfect for cat lovers
#12. Bird tattoo
#13. Another minimalist tattoo featuring a plant
#14. Snake on the neck
#15. Cute little bird
#16. Some flower power!
#17. Floral tattoos always look good.
#18. Rabbit and butterfly
#19. Olive branch
#20. No Tear
#21. Now this one looks like a panel from a comic book.
#22. Spider crawl
#23. Inspired by that famous Michelangelo painting.
#24. Definitely the opposite of a minimalist tattoo.
#25. Another bird tattoo.

#26. Medusa
#27. This one’s telling a tragic story.
#28. A tribute to a beloved pet, perhaps?
#29. Pattern tattoos are great, too.
#30. This skin art looks like it did take time to finish.
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