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People Avoided this Smelly Homeless Man at Starbucks Until a Stranger Made a Difference





Every person has his own story to tell and a purpose in life, even the homeless people we come across every day. Yes, those people whom some regard as a mere burden to the society are human beings too. They have names and they lived a life like most of us before they tragically ended up the way they did.

It’s sad that some people avoid them like being homeless is some form of an infectious disease that they can catch by just talking to them.

It’s heartless, and it’s true.

Eric Jason Pena had a chance encounter with a homeless guy while having his favorite coffee at Starbucks one day. Then a homeless man along with his dog came in and sat nearby. Eric immediately noticed that some of the customers distanced themselves from the wayfarer, and some of those who were revolted by his scent looked at him only to roll their eyes after.

But unlike those people, Eric decided to approach the man and speak to him when nobody else in the store wanted to. And because of that meaningful conversation, he learned about this man’s story, his life, and his deep faith in God.

Eric also took a photo of his deeply moving encounter with the homeless man and his dog and posted it on his Facebook account. In the caption, he recounted their conversation and many people were touched by the story as well. Needless to say, it went viral.

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While seated at a Starbucks, a homeless man came in and sat nearby. His scent was unpleasant and people looked at him…

Posted by Eric Jason Pena on Saturday, March 21, 2015

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