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An Unemployed Engineer Decides To Open A Medical Clinic, The Result is Hilarious!





Being a licensed professional makes one have an edge. It may just be a piece of card with a person’s name and picture on it, but it says a lot about the journey he/she underwent during college, after college and during the board exams.

Engineers and doctors are just some of the personalities requiring board exams. Both require intelligence, hard work and will power to be in these professions. Although fairly the same when it comes to the level of difficulty of their studies, engineers and doctors have two very different ways of thinking.

Want proof? Here is a funny story about an engineer and a doctor trying to outwit each other. Read through the end and see who wins the mind games.


An engineer has been unemployed for quite some time. He could not manage to find a job so he decided to open a medical clinic instead. He put a sign outside that reads:

“Have yourself treated for $500. If not treated, you will get back $1,000”

A doctor passed by and saw the sign. Thinking that he can easily get some money, he goes inside the clinic to have himself checked.

Doctor: “Please cure me for I have lost my sense of taste. I cannot taste anything I put inside my mouth.”


Engineer: “Nurse, please get the medicine inside box number 22 and administer 3 drops into the patient’s mouth.”

Doctor spits out the medicine and says: “That is not medicine! That is gasoline!”

Engineer: “Congratulations! You’ve got your sense of taste back. That would be $500.”


The doctor walked away from the clinic, pissed. After a couple of days, he returned, eager to recover his money.

Doctor: “Doctor, please help me for I cannot remember a thing. I lost my memory.”

Engineer: “Nurse, please get the medicine inside box number 22 and administer 3 drops into the patient’s mouth.”

Doctor: “But that is gasoline!”

Engineer: “Congratulations! You got your memory back. That would be $500.”

Doctor leaves, but after several days angrily returns for one last try.

Doctor: “I have weak eyesight. I cannot see clearly.”

Engineer: “Uhm, I don’t have a medication for that. So, ok just take this $1,000.”

The engineer hands the doctor a $500.

Doctor: “But this $500!”

Engineer: “Congratulations, you got your eyesight back! That would be $500.”


Looks like the engineer won this battle. Do you have any thoughts about the funny story? If you are a doctor, do you have something to raise to get even with the engineer? Let us know in the comment box below and share this on you wall to make someone laugh today.

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