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Engineer Buys £30 Dodgem From eBay, Converts It Into Vehicle That Runs 8mph




  • Engineer Chris Acock purchased an old dodgem from eBay for £30.
  • He later transformed it into a roadworthy vehicle capable of running at about 8mph.
  • His project has since gone viral online and has made him something of a local celebrity in his neighborhood in Dorset.

The coronavirus lockdowns have definitely granted some of us the luxury of time. These days, we always hear about people picking up new hobbies or those who are finally pursuing their passion projects and, of course, we can’t help but admire them for making the most of the quarantine.

Chris Acock, an engineer from Portland, Dorset is definitely one of these productive folks. In fact, he came up with a project that eventually gained a lot of attention, not only in social media but also from his entire neighborhood.

Check out that sweet ride!

As you can see on the images here, Chris gave an old dodgem off car a major makeover, turning it into an actual roadworthy vehicle.

In a Ladbible report, we learn that Chris purchased the dodgem off from eBay for only £30 (US $39).

According to the article, he later “stripped down the motor” and installed some new lights. He also placed a flag on the pole just for kicks.

Overall, the 53-year-old engineer spent about £400 (US $524) for the project.

When he first told his partner Zarea Lea about his idea, she was immediately supportive – and evidently excited.

Zarra shared:

“When Chris told me his plan, I thought it was absolutely marvelous. He’s modified tractors and lawnmowers before.”

The modified vehicle reportedly runs at about 8mph. It has also turned them into local celebrities of some sort!

“When people first see it, they’re in shock because they can’t quite believe it,” said Zarra. “But they then roll down their window for a picture and say, ‘That’s awesome’.”

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