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Now You Can Cook Your Own Kebab At Home With This Mini Rotisserie Grill





Love kebab? Ever dreamed of cooking them from the comfort of your own home? Yes, that’s an entirely possible scenario now for those who do not want to go out and want to make their own food instead.

We’ve recently found out that this mini rotisserie grill is being sold on Amazon and as anyone can expect, fans of Middle Eastern cuisine couldn’t get enough of it.

This grill has a “21 litre capacity” and the safety feature means it will “automatically turn off” once the sliding glass door is opened.

All you have to do is spike the skewer through the meat, put the timer on, sit back and let it spin around the grill until it’s perfectly cooked. Not only that, it drains away the fat as it cooks the food meaning it could be one of the healthier kebabs available.

Pretty impressive, huh? Well the site further tells us:

EASY TO CLEAN: The rotisserie oven features stain-resistant housing for easy cleaning Includes a kebab rack with seven skewers & grease drip tray for mess-free cooking

TIME EFFICIENT COOKING: The vertical rotating oven is both energy efficient & time-saving, using high-power hear of 1500 Watts and 110V

EASY TO CONTROL: Easy to operate with a temperature range up to 464 degree F (240°C) and an adjustable time setting up to 60 minutes

VERSATILE MEAL PREP: This multi-function rotating oven gives you the freedom to cook a range of recipes Perfect for kebabs, shawarma, rotisserie & more

COUNTERTOP SAFE: Despite the kebab machine’s high power heat, it features a heat-resistant tempered glass door, as well as an auto power off function for safety

Meanwhile, the product description also specifies the vertical rotisserie grill is “perfect for cooking a large chicken (other meat also) or up to 7 kebabs at once.” It also promises to cook quicker and more evenly compared with a traditional oven.

Browsing buyer reviews, we see most people are pleased with their purchases with one writing:

“This is a great piece of kit. Easy to use, somewhat easy to clean. The hardest part of cleaning this rotisseries is behind the elements it is not easy to get too. Apart from that no issues at all.”

Another shared:

“Uses less energy than my large oven and the food tastes nice and moist.”

I can just imagine this would be perfect not only for home cooking but also for inviting friends over. Everyone loves a kebab party!

In case you’re curious yourself, you can get one of these rotisserie grills from Amazon for only $119 each.

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