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35 ‘Elf On The Shelf’ Ideas That Will Make You Admire People’s Creativity

#31 is a clever idea.






Not all people are aware of “Elf On The Shelf.” When we talk about the Christmas festivities, we mostly think about Santa Claus, Christmas trees, ornaments, etc. But these tiny creatures are likewise part of our Christmas tradition.

Kids were told that the “Elf On The Shelf” was sent to make sure that they are behaving well. They were mostly hidden to keep an eye on the little ones. However, some took things to a whole new level and placed them in some unexpected positions and scenarios. Here are 35 “Elf On The Shelf” ideas that will make you admire people’s creativity.

1. Frozen elf.

2. Speak or face the consequences.

3. So this is how they are made…

4. Christmas and Halloween collaboration.

5. Last known photo of “Elf On The Shelf.”

6. They’re everywhere.

7. Just one of the dolls.

8. “Draw me like one of your French dolls.”

9. Savage attack. But at least the baby carrots weren't forced to watch.

10. Who knew “Elf On The Shelf” is actually jealous of “Frosty The Snowman.”

11. “I PEAd my elf.”

12. “I came in like a wrecking ball!”

13. Free viewing.

14. Circus act.

15. Worst cookies ever.

16. Hot tub party.

17. Would you dare?

18. “I’m watching you.”

19. Let it go.

20. He’s a little prankster, too.

21. Pre-Christmas workout.

22. Who wants to go fishing?

23. Free reindeer poop.

24. An elf’s work is a dirty job. Let’s tumble him and dry.

25. Are they freshly squeezed?

26. Let there be peas on earth.

27. Better than Banksy’s?

28. Snow elf.

29. Such a trouble-maker.

30. Who ate the whole advent calendar?

31. Elf wall climbing.

32. Would you let him in?

33. That’s an odd-looking banana.

34. Double trouble.

35. Homework gives him migraines. He’s so relatable.

Despite not being as popular as the other Christmas traditions, Elf on the Shelf could certainly be fun, especially when you add humor to it.

Creating these scenes are not that hard. all you have to do is to let it go. Get it? Good.

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