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Independent Dog Commutes Alone to Play in a Dog Park Everyday




  • Eclipse, a bright independent dog, rides bus everyday to play in the dog park and make friends with other dogs.
  • Through a bus pass attached to his collar, she waits and rides the bus going to Downtown Seattle in Washington. 
  • All of the bus drivers and policemen know her and enjoy her daily presence.
  • She also made friends with regular bus riders.

A Facebook post by a user named Robbie Lauren posted a photo of a strong independent female dog named Eclipse. Everyday, Eclipse is seen waiting in the bus stop, hailing and riding a public transport, and getting off the dog’s park. The post eventually went viral in the said social media platform.

“Everyday she leaves her house, by herself, and takes the bus downtown to the dog park where she spends a couple of hours getting exercise and making friends, and then she takes the bus back home again,” Lauren wrote.

Eclipse rides the pubic bus to the park and back to her home everyday.

According to Lauren, Eclipse’s daily commute started when her owner Jeff Young took her one day to the park. Young, however, puffed a cigarette while waiting for the bus. The vehicle later arrived as Jeff was yet to finish his stick. Much to his surprise, Eclipse got impatient and rode the bus and left him.

Fortunately, the bus driver knew her, so he pulled over and dropped off Eclipse to the dog park. Young, on the other hand, caught up with her and was surprised with her amazing memory. 

Because of that incident, Young realized that Eclipse can visit the park even on her own. The owner then bought her bus passes and attached to her collar.

“After several more trips by herself, Jeff started letting her go on her own, and she always comes back home a couple of hours later,” Lauren said.

Fans of the dog later decided to create a Facebook page for Eclipse and passengers who came across her shared photos with her online.

So far, bus drivers said that Eclipse gives smile on their passengers’ faces every time she rides the bus.

“She makes everybody happy,” Lauren said.

Even the police, she said, have approved of Eclipse’s bus journey “as long as the bus drivers are okay with the arrangement”.

All the drivers welcomed this kind of arrangement and they willingly pick up the smart dog when they see her waiting in the bus stop. They also automatically pull over and drop her off to the park in case Eclipse forgot to push the stop button, using his paw.

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