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Doctors Discover 60-year-old Fetus inside the Womb of An Old Woman

An x-ray revealed that this old woman had been carrying a fetus inside her womb for more than six decades.


Doctors were stunned after finding a fetus inside the womb of a Estela Meléndez, a 91-year-old woman from Chile. According to them, the elderly woman had been carrying the fetus inside her womb for more than six decades.

Initially, the doctors thought there was a tumor in Estela’s stomach. But after finding something strange on the x-ray, they were shocked to discover that it was actually the calcified remains of a fetus in her uterus.

Apparently, the fetus posed no risk on Estela’s health.  This why the doctors decided not to remove the fetus as surgery would be far more dangerous than just leaving it inside Estela’s womb.

Photo credit: Mirror UK

According to a report by CNN, Estela had no idea she had ever fallen pregnant. She was married for 74 years to Manuel Gonzales who passed away in January at the age of 91.

Sadly, the couple were unable to have kids and this had caused them to “suffer tremendously”.

For Estella, the lump in her belly serves as a reminder of the baby she and her husband hoped for.

Source: Mirror UK, CNN


20 Totally Unsafe Work Practices You Should NEVER Do

Ingenuity or laziness?

The safety of the employees is critical in any occupation that is why there are rules and regulations in every workplace. Health hazards at a work could lead to injuries and injuries result in hospital expenses, absences or worse, exorbitant lawyer’s fees if the employees decide to sue your company to the ground.

However, there are workers who, despite being oriented about safety precautions and warned about the repercussions of foolish actions, still do absurd things. Is it bravery? Is it ingenuity or mere laziness? Either that or these men were absent during the safety training course. You decide once you see these 20 totally unsafe practices.

#1. No hard hat available?


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7 Scariest Discoveries Found Under People’s Beds

Something to think about before you go to bed tonight.

Aside from the closet, there's another place in my bedroom that makes my imagination fly and wonder about what lies beneath - that area under my bed. During your idle times while you're lying in bed, haven't you wondered if there will come a time that you'll take a peek underneath and discover something that will terrify the hell out of you?

These people did check out that dreaded spot and discovered stuff that scared the wits out of them, or weird stuff that they never expected to find in their lifetime.

#1. An 8-foot crocodile

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Poor People of Haiti Literally Eat ‘Mud Cookies’ to Survive

Can you imagine being so poor and so hungry that you have no choice but to eat mud?


During meals, whenever children do not finish their food, parents always chastise them and tell them that somewhere in the world a child lies dying from hunger. This is not a mere threat, or a guilt trip - it is a reality.

According to the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, the estimated volume of edible food wastage is at 1.3 billion tons, with annual direct economic loss amounting to 750 million US dollars. With so much hunger being experienced in other countries, wasting food as much as this is a sacrilege.

Case in point - Haiti.

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