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“Strong Sperm” In Public Pools Could Get Ladies Pregnant, Claims Indonesian Official




  • An Indonesian official warned ladies that swimming in a public pool with men may result to pregnancy.
  • She claims “the indestructible sperm” released by “sexually-excited men” in pools get ladies pregnant even without penetration.
  • Memes about her “ridiculous claim circulated”on Indonesian social media and the public asked the government to fire her.

In a nine-minute-video, Indonesian Child Protection Commission (KPAI) commissioner Sitti Hikmawatty warned all women to be careful when swimming in a public pool with male friends. The reason? She claims women could get pregnant because of “indestructible sperm”.

In an interview with Tribune News, Sitti said that men in swimming pools may become “sexually-excited” when seeing women wearing swimsuits and they tend to ejaculate underneath, therefore releasing a “strong type of sperm” that can make ladies pregnant.

“There is an especially strong type of male sperm that may cause pregnancy in a swimming pool…even without penetration,” she said in Bahasa language.

The official also claimed that the women who are most likely yo get pregnant are those who are already “sexually-active”, dismissing a possible pregnancy among children.

“No one knows for sure how men react to the sight of women in a swimming pool,” she added.

Shortly after the video was posted, the public started expressing strong criticisms against the said official, demanding for her removal from office. Eventually, some netizens also began creating memes about her claim.

For example, an Indonesian internet comic artist drew a parody of Steven Spielberg’s ‘Jaws’ movie and posted it on his Twitter account. To make fun of the controversial statement, he changed the shark into dozens of sperms swimming towards a woman in a pool.

In case you’re wondering, the word “Awas” means “watch out” on Bahasa.

Meanwhile, the caption reads:

“The importance of proper sex education”.

Moreover, other Indonesians felt the claim was the dumbest statement ever, especially coming from a government official.

Pribumi Kawe said on Twitter:

“This is the dumbest statement, one that shames the KPAI. Commissioners like [Sitti] need to be removed from office. Agree?”

Meanwhile, Indonesian Doctors Association executive Nazar contradicted Sitti’s claim and clarified that scientifically, women will never get pregnant in a public pool without penetration. He emphasized that pools contain chemicals, such as chlorine, which means any sperm released will not survive.

The next day, KPAI denied that Sitti’s statement was the unified statement of the department saying their “understanding and attitude are not reflected in the online news narrative.”

Sitti also made an apology and clarified that her statement was her personal understanding. She also admitted that such warning gives inaccurate information.

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