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Diabetic Woman Lost All Her Teeth After Skipping Her Insulin Meds to Stay Thin





Some people go through a lot of lengths just to be thin, from skipping meals, to going on fad diets and juice cleanses, to exercising more hours than usual.

For Australian beauty therapist, Skye Simpson, it was deliberately missing out on her insulin injections for her Type 1 diabetes in order to lose a staggering amount of weight – as much as 60 pounds (27 kgs.) in half a year – and maintain an almost stick-thin figure.

But her weight loss hack backfired, and she started losing her teeth!

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To make matters worse, clumps of her beautiful blonde hair starting falling out, and she began having vision problems.

It all started when Skye, who was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes at age 7, received a compliment when she lost some weight after having recovered from a variety of flu.

The compliment made her question her attractiveness, and she began thinking of herself as fat and ugly, despite weighing a normal 160 pounds (73 kgs.) for her 5 foot 7 inch frame.

Unwilling to give up her favorite foods and take time to exercise, Skye began skipping out on her insulin injections to lose weight.

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At first it was only one injection a day, but Skye became caught up in her weight loss addiction and soon she did away with her insulin altogether.

She became so slender that she eventually weighed only 98 pounds (7 kgs.)!

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However, skipping her insulin had several side effects. Skye became weak and lethargic, and clumps of her hair started falling out.

Skye’s weight loss due to deliberately missing her insulin injections is known as an eating disorder called diabulimia. Despite the life-threatening risks of avoiding the necessary medication for a chronic illness, diabulimia sufferers intentionally avoid their doses in a bid to lose weight.

After several hospital episodes, she was left with a weak immunity and severely infected gums, and this was when she realized she needed help.

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Eighteen months ago, Skye began psychotherapy treatments, and she is slowly recovering from diabulimia, having regained 44 pounds to fill out her frame.

Skye Simpson today.

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Skye, who recently turned 30, now wears a full set of false teeth, has bald patches on her head from hair loss, can’t see properly, and suffers a sensitivity to certain foods, all for the sake of her earlier goal of attaining a coveted size 6.

Skye is lucky she had the support of family and friends to help her recover. How many other diabetics out there also suffer from diabulimia, but have no one to turn to for help?

H/T: New York Post