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Poor Student From Cebu Gets Attention From UN Official

“Daniel is not alone,” Gordon Brown of United Nations reminded.


Last month, we’ve all seen the inspiring yet heart-wrenching photo of 9-year-old Daniel Cabrera.

This diligent little boy from Cebu City, Philippines is shown in the picture studying and doing his homework under a lamp post at a nearby fast food store. It’s touching how this young student was determined to learn despite the fact that they didn’t have their own electricity at home.

His photo has gone viral online and many media practitioners even featured his story, helping tell the poor boy’s moving tale to even more people across the world.

Despite the difficulties of life, 9-year-old Daniel Cabrera stays determined to study.


Photo credit: Joyce Torrefranca

Eventually, the story reached Gordon Brown himself – the former Prime Minister of the United Kingdom and the current United Nations Special Envoy for Global Education.

Brown observed that the image perfectly “encapsulates the great paradox of global education today.” The problem, according to him, is that “more young people than ever before realize the importance of the right to education but too few adults are making that right into a reality.”

He further expounded:

“Against the odds, Daniel is fighting hard to get an education. At school he is considered a lively, studious and inquiring pupil and is clearly driven to continue learning outside the classroom, no matter what the conditions. But are we doing enough to help him and millions like him?”

Brown shared alarming statistics that remind us that “Daniel is not alone” in this awful situation.


Photo credit: Telegraph

According to his report:

  1. 59 million primary-age children are not at school (and may never get the chance to study at all)
  2. Yearly aid for education has experience a massive drop of 22% over the past 4 years from $4.5 billion to $3.5 billion.
  3. 90% of primary school children in sub-Saharan Africa do not have access to electricity.

Case in point, it’s not enough for netizens to simply share Daniel’s story online. We should all do something and help out. There are many Daniels out there and we can all make a difference in the lives of these poverty-stricken pupils.

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Cop Buys Diapers and Shoes For Homeless Mother Caught Shoplifting for Her Six Kids

The cop did not only prevent the homeless mom from being imprisoned, he helped her get out of her desperate situation.

Just when we're about to lose our faith in cops and the justice system, officer Mark Engravalle of the Roeland Park Police Department showed the world that there are still good police officers out there.

This story proves that even the simplest act of kindness and compassion can help change a person or a family's life forever.

Officer Engravalle responded to a shoplifting complaint at a Walmart store in Roeland Park, Kansas earlier this month. When he arrived at the scene, he found that the suspect was a woman named Sarah Robinson, who was with three of her six children at that time.

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To Save On School Expenses, This Student Lived In a Tent On Someone Else’s Backyard

Determined student Evan Eames posted an ad on Reddit. Someone responded and helped his save on his educational expenses.

Although education is expensive, we all know that it is actually a wise investment that pays great dividends. This is the main reason why we strive to provide for our own (or our children’s) education to ensure bright future. Besides, “Education” said author and religious leader Gordon B. Hinckley, “is the key to opportunity.”

That’s why it’s always inspiring to hear stories about students who persevere to pursue education despite all the odds they encounter.

For this blog post, I’ll share about Evan Eames - a guy from Montreal, Canada who is really determined to complete his astrophysics master’s degree in the University of Manchester.

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Filipina Opt To Live a Simple Life in this Incredible 140-Square-Foot Tiny House

When you live in a tiny house, you gain flexibility yet still be grounded. Touching story of a woman, who is highly contended with her cozy house.

All of us have our dream houses. Usually, when people are asked about the house they want to live in forever, many would say they would like it big, luxurious and filled with all types of amenities such as a swimming pool, a home theater or a grand staircase.

But as they say, to each his own. Not every one link success to a big house. In fact, some are well satisfied with a sturdy, clean and functional home, as long as they are with their loved ones or are close to nature. Such is the case of the woman below.

Vina Lustado grew up in the Philippines together with her 8 siblings. She was raised in a family whose lifestyle is very modest. Even when she came to the US, she still opt to continue living the simple life. So for her house, she decided to build a quaint, movable house that measures about 140 square feet. Her kitchen, living room, home office space and comfy loft are enough to make her feel contented. When someone suggested for her to join "Houzz," she did and the responses just kept on pouring. Aside from the presentation of her house, the video below is touching and humbling as Vina made us realize that a simple life is a good life.

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