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Daddy Calls His Son a Loser in Public and Bullies Him in front of Other Kids





Everyone makes mistakes. This is particularly true for children who are just learning about life.

But this is not entirely a bad thing, for the mistakes that these kids commit can teach them what to do and how they can improve. This is where parents come in. It is the parents’ role to ensure that the mistakes their child commits would bring out the best in their kid, and not call them names and make them feel bad.

When children are branded names, it remains in their mind. This unconsciously molds them according to the name calling they receive from people around them. So just imagine a child being called a loser by his dad in public. Soon, we can expect that he’ll be called a loser by his classmates, and this child developing an attitude of a loser is not far-fetched. The child, after being verbally and emotionally abused, can cause attitude problems over time.

A social experiment was created in the show “What Would You Do?” where a man calls his son names in public.

A social experiment was created in the show “What Would You do?”, this was made to see the reaction of people if they will they step in or turn a blind eye in this kind of situation.

In the video below, you will see a man who humiliated his son by calling him a loser and not buying him ice cream because they lost the game. Other kids were given ice cream by the man except for his son. Being a stranger in this situation, what will you do? A man who saw what happened felt sorry for the kid and talked to the adult not to be hard on his son. He even told the dad to buy his son an ice cream and he would pay for it.

Check Out This Interesting Social Experiment Here:

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Childhood is something that everyone will have to go through. The process of growing up is long and hard, and it will be harder if parents will not support their child. We should be sensitive in dealing with our children because we play a big role in their growth and development.

Given the chance to witness a scenario in the video, the choice is yours if you would want to get involved and help the child or back off and just feel sorry for the kid.

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