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Delivery Rider Has His Kids’ Photos On Motorcycle As A Reminder




  • A Facebook post by netizen Bart Salleh has gone viral online, showing a Singaporean delivery driver with photos of his children on his motorbike.
  • The said rider also had many colorful stickers on his helmet.
  • Netizens expressed admiration for the father, saying he deserves to be nominated as “Dad of the year.”

This is the heartwarming moment when a Food Panda delivery driver in Singapore has been spotted having his children’s photos on his motorcycle. Social media users couldn’t help but be touched with the hardworking father’s love for his kids.

The driver’s pictures were first shared on Facebook last March by netizen Bart Salleh who wrote in the caption, “When I looked at his helmet, I was wondering why he did that to his daily wear… then I realized. Damn bro keep going man! Be safe out here.”

The unnamed driver noticeably had lots of colorful stickers on his helmet – including a big one that said ‘Dads for life.’

The photos have since gone viral online, receiving thousands of likes, shares, and comments.

“A gentle reminder that there are loved ones waiting at home.”

Some commenters have even lauded the delivery rider as “Daddy of the year nominee.”

“All those pictures and that helmet may be his main reason and motivation to provide the best for his family. He is an example of a loving dad,” one also wrote on Facebook.

“What a lovely and wonderful dad, God bless you bro, be safe and well,” another added.

Others also said that the viral story reminded them of an episode from The Simpsons.

In the animated series, a desperate Homer Simpson had to beg for his job in the power plant after quitting it.

He had a plaque near his desk that said “Don’t forget you’re here forever” and then decided to cover it with baby Maggie’s photos, altering the words to read “Do it for her.”

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