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Dad Hides 12-Inch Dildo Inside Son’s Luggage in Hilarious Airport Screening Prank





Parents can bring a great deal of embarrassment to their children and Ted Andressen from New Orleans, Louisiana, happens to be one of them. The prankster father managed to make his son turn red when he hid a 12-inch sex toy in his carry-on luggage and have the airport security find it.

Ted captured the hilarious moment on film and uploaded it on Facebook, where it was viewed 22 million times and shared over 400,000 times.

Ted's son was patiently waiting for the security officer to finish the luggage inspection.

The unsuspecting son just stood there as the officer pulled out some items from the bag.

And then she pulls out a transparent bag that contained the dildo.

That was the first time that Ted’s son saw the sex toy in his bag. Clearly, he didn’t see it coming and after finding out the truth, his father and other members of the party were just there laughing so hard as the moment was caught on camera.

The airport security couldn’t hold it in either as she was seen giggling at that time. Ted’s son can be seen with a bright red face and tearing up from laughing. He then looks at the camera and mutters “a****les” referring to his pranksters.

You can just imagine how embarrassing that moment was for Ted's son.

Soon enough, a member of the group eventually went closer to give Ted’s son a hug — and probably help him out with the hiding from shame. Eventually, the son figured out how a sex toy ended up in his luggage.

“That’s why you all wanted me to go and smoke a cigarette.”

The group then carried on, with one man apologizing to the security officer as they believe they have wasted her time. She’s being a sport through all of this and repacked the bag anyway. It remains to be seen where Ted and the group are heading or if his son kept the dildo in his bag.

Watch the entire video below.

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