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Influencer Who Did Toilet Licking Challenge Tests Positive of COVID-19




  • Californian social media influencer Larz “GayShawnMendes” participated in a TikTok challenge called “Coronavirus Challenge” where he was seen licking a toilet seat in a public restroom.
  • He eventually posted a short clip taken at a hospital, claiming he has contracted the dreaded disease.
  • Other social media influencers have gotten in trouble with the authorities for posting coronavirus-related videos online.

Some media influencers will do anything to gain more followers, even to the point of risking their health. Case in point, California-based social media influencer Larz “GayShawnMendes,” 21, recently contracted the coronavirus after licking a toilet bowl in a public restroom.

Apparently, Larz participated in a TikTok challenge called “Coronavirus Challenge” where he posted a video of himself on social media showing him slowly licking a public toilet.

The ridiculous craze can be seen on the TikTok application where users are joining in by licking everything, from public toilets to grocery store products, and more.

Days after Larz posted his “CoronaVirus Challenge” video, he posted another video in his Instagram account with a caption: “I got diagnosed with Coronavirus”

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I got diagnosed with Coronavirus 😥

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“Hey guys, I’m really doped up on my meds right now,” he also said in the video.

It remains unclear if he tested positive due to his recent claim-to-fame stunt.

However, a fellow social media influencer said that Larz’s post is fake and the hospital video was an old file.

In the past, Larz also took part of other challenges, including opening an ice cream lid at a grocery, licking the food and then returning it back to the store’s freezer.

Meanwhile, Ava Louise, another TikTok user, also licked a toilet seat inside a plane’s washroom during her flight. She admitted she asked Larz to do the “Coronavirus Challenge” and post his old hospital photo afterwards to make the people believe that he has the virus.

Louise said, she pioneered the “Coronavirus Challenge” because she “f*cking hates old people”.

After gaining so many attention, Louise revealed that she earned $4,000 for posting the “CoronaVirus Challenge” stunt. The social media influencer got 596,000 views since she posted on the first week of March. She also admitted that she disinfected the toilet seat first before licking it.

Naturally, netizens expressed disgust over her video especially when they found out it was all for the purpose of gaining more likes and followers. In an interview with PEOPLE, Louise admitted she’s looking for a “record deal and a reality show” about her messy life.

Another guy named Cody Pfister from Warrenton, Missouri posted a short clip, featuring himself licking items on a Walmart store rack. He captioned it “Who’s afraid of the coronavirus?”

He ended up getting arrested and charged with “terrorist threat” by Warren County prosecutors.

Justin Rhodes of North Carolina also got apprehended for making a video of himself saying that he breached a quarantine protocol after testing positive for Coronavirus.

“All these old people finna die, I don’t understand why they here,” he said in a video.

It turned out the video was a prank, after local health officials said there were no confirmed cases of coronavirus in the area. Rhodes was then given a $10,000 bond and was ordered to appear in court for the fake video.

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