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Czech Nudists Ordered By Police to Wear Masks




  • Police told them to at least cover up their mouths while they enjoy the sun in the nude.
  • Roughly half of the 150 people sunbathing did not have masks on.
  • Public nudity is allowed in certain spots in the Czech Republic.

In some parts of the Czech Republic, it’s okay for people to get nude in public. But due to the strict safety measures brought on by the coronavirus crisis, even the nudists were told to cover at least their faces.

The country has eased up a bit when it comes to restrictions but the police are still reminding everyone that wearing face masks in public are mandatory.

The law enforcers issued warnings after getting complaints about nudists basking under the sun in the small town of Lázně Bohdaneč, sans masks.

According to the authorities, many of these sunbathers gathered in large groups and some of them did not have face masks on.

Fortunately, these nudists followed the order when the police arrived.

The police later issued a statement entitled “Nude body yes, uncovered mouth NO!”

“Citizens are allowed to be without clothes in designated locations, but they still must cover their mouths, and only gather in appropriate numbers,” the police said.

The police discovered that roughly half of the 150 people sunbathing on the lakes have uncovered faces.

“We all have one common desire to respect the government’s guidelines so that the restrictions can be gradually lifted. That, however, will not happen until everyone starts to dutifully respect the rules.”

Czech Republic is one of the places in Europe where nudity is celebrated freely.

Also called naturists, these buff worshippers find every excuse to get naked and there are lots of parties and festivals where nudists can gather. In the Czech Republic, naturist resorts and holidays are just natural occurences.

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