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This Nudist Restaurant In Italy Will Let You Bare All

Finally, a restaurant that takes the pressure off in dressing up!


There’s a lot of pressure dressing up when dining out. But there’s an establishment in Italy that totally doesn’t require any dress code. In fact, they do not require their customers to dine in with any clothing at all.

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L’Italo Americano is the very first nudist restaurant located near Milan, Italy. The ambience is just cozy with a 1930’s American theme. This restaurant also is not that intimidating which give its customers that comfortable feeling.

L’Italo Americano isn’t only just a nudist restaurant, customers can enjoy its bar for evening drinks which transforms into a disco floor where its naked customers can dance without having any care. There’s also a lounge for people who just want to relax.

Clients of the restaurant are asked to take off all their clothes. Some customers immediately strip naked while others are lead to an “undressing” room.

At L’Italo Americano, all clients are required to take their clothes off.

All clients are required to take off their clothes.

Ladies are allowed to take a little clutch for their make-up and the guys a pouch for cash. But that’s it.

There is no need to worry about the hygiene in the establishment too. Clients who come in are handed a white soft cotton towel that they can sit on.

While it may be totally challenging not to stare at other people’s naked bodies, the restaurant guarantees privacy and is even offline. There is no internet access in the restaurant and diners are asked to hand in their gadgets. Touching and making out isn’t allowed as well.

Clients are supplied with a white towel to sit on for hygienic purposes.

Clients are supplied with a white towel to sit on for hygienic purposes.

The restaurant guarantees privacy and you can’t post live updates on social media.

The restaurant guarantees privacy and you can't post live updates on social media.

This nudist restaurant is something really different and liberating for Italy which is a Catholic country. And while Europe has many nudist beaches and resorts, L’Italo Americano is a place where people can enjoy a meal or drink in the nude.

It makes me feel free. Italy badly needed a restaurant like this one.

Just to clarify, this nudist restaurant isn’t a place for lewdness nor a hook up establishment. Lights are never turned off and there are dressed bodyguards all around the place to supervise and keep the situation under control. Its owner, Natale, even doubled the price for singles so people who are lewd and just want to come in to hook up are kept at bay.

It’s a naturist restaurant where people share the pure philosophy and culture of nudism.

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The establishment wants its clients to experience the culture of nudism.

The establishment wants its clients to experience the culture of nudism.

Finally, an establishment that takes the pressure off in dressing up.

Finally, an establishment that takes the pressure off in dressing up.

Would you want to experience the nudist culture while dining? Leave a comment below.


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