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After Cutting A Hole In A Frozen Lake, This Guy Was Able To Set The Ice On Fire!





Did you ever think about an ice burning? Is it possible? How can ice be flammable?

According to Rune Pettersen, methane is trapped in the lake by the ice. If you are wondering where the methane came from, methane comes from microbes from the broken down organic matter beneath the sea.

Organic matter can be excrements of animals, dead animals, algae or plants. When the bacteria start breaking down the organic matter, it produces methane in the process.

The answer to your question is yes, it is flammable. This is why Science is very interesting. It’s a never ending process of learning.

In his social experiment seen in the video below, the ice burns since there is methane beneath it, according to Pettersen the gas buble looks white because of the light. This methane trapped in the lake is fairly harmless, but when lit with a huge amount of methane in it, it can create burning or explosion.

Watch the experiment here:

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