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Adorable Pet Cat Wears Cute Emperor Costume While Minding A Seafood Stall

The fashionable cat is a social media star!






You’d think a cat would easily steal fish at the sight of it, but not this latest social media sensation. Instead of taking away fish, a cat named Cho from Vietnam is actually helping give it away at a local farmer’s market.

Cho was watching over a market stall and people can’t help but notice him — and that’s because he was wearing an emperor costume while doing his job. What’s more interesting is that he has a funny name for a cat — Cho in Vietnamese is “dog.” That’s because according to Cho’s owner, he has a personality of a dog.

Meet the adorable Cho!

Cho is happily minding the seafood stall in the local farmer’s market.

Cho and his cuteness help boost sales at the market.

And he’s definitely a head-turner because of his imperial costume.

The spoiled cat and his owner, Mr. Lê, were invited at the seafood stall since the saleswoman is fond of the cat. She also likes to take pictures of Cho. These photos were uploaded by Mr. Lê on social media and they quickly went viral.

His 25-year-old owner says Cho loves to pose for pictures.

Cho lives with his owner in Hai Phong, a city in northern Vietnam. The fashionable feline, who is over three years old, enjoys being around people and he also loves the camera since he was a little kitten.

Mr. Lê, whose line of work is in the pet service, also revealed Cho likes cheese and ice cream.

Cho and his human like to travel a lot.

Apparently, the cat also loves dressing up.

He has over 30 costumes, including his Chinese emperor getup.

He also has trendy hoodies and stylish cat glasses.

Cho is not only popular among people but also among cats in the neighborhood. His proud owner says Cho already fathered 200 kittens.

When Lê was asked why he likes dressing up his pet, he said he is into photography and taking funny pictures of his cat is what he loves to do. Besides, Cho and his cuteness should show some people who dislike cats that felines can be cute as well.

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Millions Of Dead Fish And Sea Creatures Washed Ashore After Storm Emma

Devastating scene of Storm Emma’s grisly aftermath.




Millions of sea creatures --mostly dead-- are just among the casualties of the powerful hurricane in Britain, Storm Emma. Shocking photos of the storm’s aftermath was released, showing marine wildlife, including starfish, lobsters, and razorfish, blanketing the shore of Fraisthorpe beach near Bridlington.

Strong gale force winds, coupled with big tides are believed to have resulted in the massive death toll. Many people came to the scene, carrying boxes and buckets to fill them up with the dead sea creatures.

Beaches on Britain's east coast were populated by dead sea creatures.

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Man Buys $830 Smartphone Online But Shockingly Received Two Packets Of Wet Wipes Instead

The downside to online shopping ….




Online shopping has, undoubtedly, made shopping a more convenient experience. One of the downsides, however, is that you can't really judge the quality of the item physically before paying for it. And then there's also that harsh possibility of getting the wrong item after paying a lot for it.

That's exactly what happened to one man in Malaysia, who ordered a smartphone through the popular Southeast Asian online shop, Lazada. The man paid RM 3,219 (around $830) for the phone but he got the biggest surprise when he opened the box.

Imagine how someone would feel if this came with the box instead of a smartphone.

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Quick-Thinking Father Saves Baby From Stupid Driver

What would you do to this driver if you were the father?

Mark Andrew



Thanks to a father’s quick reflexes, the life of his child has been saved from a road accident that could have ended tragically. The video below, taken by a surveillance camera, shows us the scary moment a driver of an Audi car swerved right through a pedestrian sidewalk, almost hitting the father and his baby – who is merely 3 months old.

A report posted by ReshareWorthy tells us that the incident happened in the city of Zagreb, the capital of Croatia. It definitely shows us the dangers of driving under the influence.

If not for this father’s lightning-fast thinking, he and his baby could have been hit.

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