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Funny Cat Has Expressive Reaction After Seeing Its Owner In The Shower




  • Reddit user tacs_fall_apart posted two photos of her “expressive” cat named Tuna Fish.
  • The animal’s facial reaction has made netizens laugh and smile as the said post eventually went viral online.

Cats can be truly hilarious. The internet has established that over and over with millions of feline photos and videos available online.

One Reddit user named @tacos_fall_apart has proved that once again after sharing two images of an “expressive” pet who witnessed its owner taking a bath.

Meet Tuna Fish!

The post read:

“My cat Tuna Fish’s reaction to seeing me in the bath. She’s the most expressive cat I’ve ever had.”

Naturally, netizens couldn’t help but smile and laugh at the adorable animal’s face, with some imagining what was going on in its mind at that precise moment.

Someone wrote:

“Why are you willingly in the wet?? Why are you still in the wet?!?! Are you okay??!!?!?”

Another netizen shared:

“You’re in there voluntarily!? Amazing!”

Meanwhile, fellow cat owner s also shared their own stories.

“Hahaha, my cat Lucy does the same thing. She follows me into the bathroom and questions why I am taking a bath. Then she licks up the water left behind when someone is done showering,” wrote one.

“My cat saw me in the shower once and she put her little paw out and trilled. Then when I got out of the shower she started rubbing on me and trying to dry me off. It was the sweetest thing,” posted another.

And then someone also pointed this out:

“The cat is cute an all but did you read its tag?! “Call my mom, she’s ugly crying.””

The thread went viral on Reddit and it eventually ended up circulating on various news sources on the web.

The natural result of that, of course, is that everyone now loves Tuna Fish – that’s an awesome name, by the way! Go follow this cool cat on Instagram.

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