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She was About to Lose Faith Until a Complete Stranger Proved that Heaven is For Real. Amazing!





While most of us are preoccupied drooling over the menu and afterwards, praising a good-quality meal, food attendants, unfortunate, are living the total opposite.

Although most people assume that pink-collared jobs are a piece of cake, whereas they are required to interact with their customers and so on, it is actually a back-aching career. Unfortunately, Brandi who happens to be a waitress on a petite café is not spared from life’s challenges.

As she struggles to provide for her son, a man who just finished a sumptuous meal cannot help from eavesdropping on the exchange of conversations between Brandi and another customer regarding her son.

Good for her, heaven is for real and this man might just be one guardian angel sent down from above. Brandi just got an ultimate treat as the man leaves not just a note for an applauded job of being a good provider, but he also tipped her a definitely generous amount of USD 200.00!

Surprised by the kind gesture, Brandi could not contain herself from breaking down and just appreciate the enormous joy that had ascended upon her. As she herself says, “I completely broke down in the kitchen when the host brought this to show me.” Truly, God moves in mysterious ways.

She never thought anyone was genuinely listening to her rants until this man did the unexpected.


Photo credit: Imgur

“Kind and caring people do exist.”

This what Brandi had to say after receiving a generous tip from a complete stranger.


Photo credit: Imgur

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