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8 Creepy Things Your Smartphone Quietly Knows About You





We set passwords, passcodes, secret patterns, face recognition, and all that jazz just to protect our personal details from other people. However, despite all our efforts, we are still not entirely safe.

Did you know that your smartphone knows you so well it’s scary? Here are eight creepy things your smartphone quietly knows about you.

1. The places that you have been to.

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Your phone tracks every step you take and forms conclusions about your travel patterns enough to know where your home, school, and work are.

2. What you told Siri

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Siri can be helpful in a lot of ways because she is built to “understand you better and recognize what you say.” However, she also remembers everything that you tell her from the manner in which you articulate your words to the patterns in Siri searches.

3. Your IDs

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4. Your passwords

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It’s convenient to save our passwords every time we log into an app or a website on our smartphones to avoid having to type it multiple times. These sites store your information, which is pretty creepy if you really think about it.

5. All the messages that you sent

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Deleting a message is just a click away. Unfortunately, completely erasing it off the planet is not that easy. If you watch crime and investigation documentaries, then you’ll know that the authorities can still track your deleted messages. Meaning, it’s never gone.

6. Informations you shared to Google

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Google has access to everything since you link your phone to the technology company.

7. Your travel plans

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Since your phone knows where you go and when you’re going to arrive there, it can, therefore, track how fast you’re going in your car.

8. All the information you’ve given to your apps

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Apps and sites want to track everything you do that can help them learn more about you and throw up better-targeted advertising – where you go, what you search for, what you’re interested in. And since you filled up your personal information, it is automatically stored.

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