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Cinderella-Style Investigation Leads Cops To Find Smartphone Thief




  • A smartphone thief was found in General Santos City, Philippines after the police conducted a Cinderella-style investigation.
  • The crook left one of his rubber slippers at the victim’s house as he ran away and it was later used as evidence against him.

We all grew up with Disney movies and perhaps one of the most popular among them all is Cinderella’s story. She was cruelly treated by her step mother and step sisters after her father died. As luck would have it, her magical Fairy Godmother changes her life for the better and leads her to the Prince, the love of her life who later confirmed her true identity when she accidentally left her glass slippers at a palace ball after she ran away.

A lovely little fairy tale, isnt it? Well who would’ve guessed that the plot could someday be used in a criminal investigation that would lead authorities to finding the culprit behind an attempted theft.

Life imitating art, maybe?

This recently happened in General Santos, a city in the southern part of the Philippines where the police eventually managed to track someone who tried stealing a smartphone.

In a September 15 report by GMA News, we read that “the suspect entered a house and was seen carrying the victim’s cellphone.”

The victim screamed for help and so he rushed away from the scene, inadvertently leaving behind one of his red rubber slippers.

Apparently, the man was a resident from the next street and a witness helped the cops find him. When they found him at his house, he was only wearing a single slipper.

As you can probably tell by now, the police “let him wear the slipper that was left in the house of the victim” and yes, they immediately discovered that it was indeed “a perfect fit,” wrote GMA.

Watch the video report here:

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The culprit eventually ended up in bars. So no, its not a “happily ever after” for him!
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