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12 Crazy But True Reasons Why People File For Divorce





Behind every divorce is a reason, be it good or bad. Regardless of that, there is always pain and disappointment for not surviving the trials of the relationship.

Still, it is a reality that some mariages ended up in tragic divorces because of unusual and crazy deal-breakers. Here are 12 of them:

#1. 1.3 reasons

Source: Pixabay

After 25 years of marriage, a woman in California filed for divorce in 1997. After two years, the real reason shocked the husband. Her ex-wife won $1.3 million in a lottery, and she wanted it all. Because she violated the asset disclosure laws, all her money went to the ex-husband.

#2. He built a wall

When a husband built a wall because it became dirty, the wife filed for divorce to end their 15-year marriage in 2009. The wife had enough of her husband’s obsession for cleanliness and constant rearranging of furniture.

#3. Voted out

Source: 9Clubs

In California, a woman found out that her husband of 22 years voted for Donald J. Trump during the presidential elections. She left him and filed a divorce.

#4. Because he divorced her first

Source: Irish Times

For 22 years, they lived as a happily married couple until the wife discovered that her name was not listed as an owner of their house. She also found out that her husband secretly divorced her in the Dominican Republic 4 months after their 1994 marriage. She filed to nullify their matrimony in New York.

#5. Stuff you can’t “make up.”

Source: Unsplash

Days after their joyful wedding, a 34-year-old husband discovered that his 28-year-old wife was a “fake” and divorced her. He found out the truth when they went swimming, and his wife’s makeup was washed away including her false eyelashes!

#6. The devil made him do it?

Source: Unsplash

A Milan court granted the petition for divorce of an Italian man because according to the man, “the devil possessed” his wife. The wife apparently showed unusual acts including body-stiffening, self-levitation, and fits.

#7. No more “Mr. Nice Guy.”

Source: Cooky Mommy

Because TP, the husband, said too much “I love you” and was an excellent cook that she gained extra weight, Rashida Lucas decided to divorce him.

#8. Irreconcilable differences

Source: Pixabay

A Nigerian woman filed for divorce in 2015 after seven days of marriage. She cited the reason was her husband’s extra-sized private part. She complained that they failed to consummate their marriage and the attempt was like a nightmare.

#9. She kept decades of old secrets

Source: Pixabay

A 99-year old husband discovered the hidden love letters of his wife to her lover. Although the secret affair happened in the 1940s and his wife begged for forgiveness, the man decided to divorce her.

#10. He lost a bet

Source: Unsplash

In 2007, one Russian man betted his wife in a game of poker and lost. His wife left him and lived with the man who won.

#11. He couldn’t keep up

Source: Dailymail

A Mumbai court granted the divorce of an Indian man from his wife in 2014. The ground- his wife’s insatiable drive for intimacy!

#12. Frozen out

After watching “Frozen”, the Japanese husband innocently asked his wife if the movie was good. The wife couldn’t believe that he would ask something like that. So, she moved out and ended up their 6-year marriage.

Now you know what to do and what not do to prevent divorce.

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