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Couple Saves $40,000 to Travel Around the World in One Year

With great wanderlust comes great budgeting responsibility.


It has become increasingly common among millennials to include travelling around the world in their bucket list; after all, there is no harm in dreaming. The challenge, however, lies in the planning stage. The logistical aspect of a trip can be a nightmare, especially since travelling and coordinating accommodations across the globe aren’t that easy and cheap.

Mark and Britnee Johnston were a young couple from Utah looking for a change in their monotonous daily life. Like all other young professionals who were bitten by the travel bug, they saved vacation days in order to visit other countries. After a year of saving leaves, they finally had the chance to go to Vietnam – but only for two weeks. Mark said,

When we got home we were somewhat unsatisfied, we were left craving for more.”

Deciding to take on the risks rather than regret it later, the couple decided to pay off debts and save enough money for  a year of travelling. They agreed on saving US $20,000 each to cover all their travel expenses – from hotel rooms and visas to food and sightseeing expenses. According to the couple, they saved separately in order to balance accountability and foster competitiveness with each other.

After months of detailed (bordering on obsessive) planning, the couple left for their first destination – Japan. in Tokyo!

Photo credit: Mark Johnston
Living on a tight budget, they had to settle with renting small rooms. in Tokyo!

Photo credit: Mark Johnston
They also visited several places in China.


Photo credit: Mark Johnston
Photo credit: Mark Johnston
After touring Japan and China, they took the Trans-Siberian Railway to Mongolia and Russia…


Photo credit: Mark Johnston
…then proceeded to Europe.

Eiffel Tower, Paris

Photo credit: Mark Johnston


Photo credit: Mark Johnston
Next stop: Southeast Asia


Photo credit: Mark Johnston


Photo credit: Mark Johnston
They spent the last leg of their travel in South America.


Photo credit: Mark Johnston


Photo credit: Mark Johnston

Since arriving from their trip, the couple has found a better apartment and both have landed full-time jobs as well. They are again saving money for their next trip – this time, for a beach getaway on winter.

Source: ForbesThe Johnstons’ One World One Year



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