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13 Clever Uses Of Toothpaste That Should Make Life Easier For You

Try these hacks to save money on different cleaning solutions.






You thought your tube of toothpaste is there to help maintain those pearly whites, but the common household product is meant for something more. It turns out, a toothpaste can do more than just keep your teeth clean and white.

You can use them to clean other things including your white sneakers and your car headlights.

Here are 13 clever uses of toothpaste that you can try at home.

#1. Piano keys


Keep those ivory keys clean with toothpaste by brushing them and wiping with wet cloth after. Even if your piano doesn’t have real ivory keys, the cleaning tip works the same.

#2. Silver polish


Source: Blogspot

Got no silver polish at home? Just take a small amount of toothpaste and brush your silver jewelry like you’re brushing your teeth to restore its shine.

#3. For smelly hands


When you’ve handled onions, garlic, or even fish in the kitchen, keep your hands smelling fresh by washing with toothpaste.

#4. Pimple treatment


The toothpaste is a great dehydrating agent that dries up your zit fast. Clear up those facial blemishes by putting a bit of the paste on the affected area. A word of caution to some people, though: the toothpaste may irritate those who have sensitive skin.

#5. Clean foggy headlights.


Source: Howtogetrid

You don’t have to spend on expensive chemicals just to clear your foggy headlights when you already have toothpaste at home. Cleaning the headlights comes so easy with these steps.

#6. Remove crayon markings on walls


When you have a toddler, it’s inevitable to have your walls covered in crayons. Thankfully, a dab of toothpaste is all you need to clean your walls.

#7. Clean watermarks on table


Source: Lifehacker

If you’re worried about having your new coffee table smeared with watermarks, there’s no need to panic. All you need is some toothpaste and you’re good to go.

#8. Get rid of stains


Source: Elle

When you have lipstick stains on your cloth, or stains from spaghetti sauce, no need to worry since a small amount of toothpaste would do the trick.

#9. Defog goggles


The toothpaste trick comes in handy for swimmers and scuba divers. It simply requires rubbing a small amount on each lens, rinsing it off and wiping to make them clearer.

#10. Iron cleaner


Burned through your clothes with an iron? Clean the bottom of the iron with some toothpaste.

#11. Clean fingernails


Are your nails dull and discolored? Keep them clean even without nail art and nail polish just by using toothpaste.

#12. Polish chrome


Source: Rideapart

If you want to keep the luster in chrome – whether they are towel racks or accessories on your motorbike – toothpaste is the most readily available, effective and inexpensive cleaning solution.

#13. Clean white footwear.s


Source: Omgstory

Use toothpaste to clean your white sneakers and other white footwear.

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