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Clever Dog Fakes Leg Injury To Get Attention




  • A clever dog is going viral for a truly amazing trick.
  • The pooch is usually found on the streets struggling with a leg injury that isn’t what it seems.
  • After someone tries to help him, the dog miraculously straightens up and walks away with a cheeky grin on his face.

Faking an injury is usually no laughing matter. However, one clever dog has realized that it’s an excellent way to get attention from people.

The viral video shows the dog seemingly struggling to walk as it drags one of its hind legs behind it. It’s a sad sight that convinces one man on a motorbike to stop and try to help the canine. However, the pooch immediately straightens up and walks away with a wagging tail, making the man laugh as he realizes he has been bamboozled.

Watch the hilarious video below:

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Although tourists and visitors are easily tricked by the dog, locals in Bangkok are quite familiar with the clever pooch, who has been named Gae. According to some residents, Gae would fake the broken leg to get attention and food but is otherwise fine.

“This old dog has lived [at] my workplace for a few years,” local resident Thaweeporn Chongplapolkul said. “He always does this trick to deceive people.”

Gae’s acting is so convincing that several people stop to try and help.

Chongplapolkul says that Gae gets all the affection and food he needs from the locals but still pulls the prank out of habit. She also assures worried tourists that there is nothing wrong with Gae’s legs.

“We’ve checked both of his legs — they are both fine,” Chongplapolkul said. “If Gae had any kind of injury, I would take him to the vets immediately.”

Gae laughs at yet another bamboozled visitor.

It’s good to know that Gae is perfectly fine and doesn’t need to keep pretending to be injured to get attention. Nevertheless, it looks like the dog’s habits are hard to let go. Luckily, tourists get a laugh whenever Gae pulls the stunt and cheekily walks away.

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