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Chinese Boy Cuts Off Own Finger After Parents Scold Him For His Smartphone Addiction





Smartphones are hard to live without these days. Every single person who owns one is almost always on it, either sending text messages, making calls or checking emails and social network sites. It has actually made life a bit easier since you get to multi-task with it on hand.

But what happens when you get too addicted to your phones and you suddenly lose time for the most important things in your life such as family and friends? You may not be aware of it, but by constantly being on your phone most of the time, you might be getting too attached to it, just like the little boy in this story.

Xiaopeng, the Chinese boy, was frustrated for being asked by his parents to put down his smartphone, so he cut off his finger in retaliation.


An 11-year-old Chinese boy, named Xiaopeng, had a heated argument with his parents due to excessive use of his smartphone, leading the kid to grab a kitchen knife and cut off his finger.

Xiaopeng had been reportedly engrossed with his smartphone the moment he woke up the morning, which earned him a scolding from his mother. He had been undeterred even if his mom had told him to put his phone down. When the father had tried to intervene, the argument between the boy and his parents got worse, frustrating Xiaopeng and leading him to cut off his finger.

The boy is now under medical observation after surgeons tried to reattach his finger.

The boy is now under medical observation after surgeons tried to reattach his finger.


His parents, shocked at what he did, failed to react immediately. The Chinese boy was brought to the hospital and had to undergo a three-hour procedure in an attempt to reattach the severed finger. It isn’t known, though, if it was a success since children have finer blood vessels and reattachments are quite challenging for surgeons. Xiaopeng is currently under medical observation.

We can only hope that he learned a lesson and that his smartphone addiction is cut off soon.

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