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15 Women Reveal Vile Reasons For Cheating On Their Partners While Pregnant





Cheating is the ultimate relationship killer. But in this world full of temptations, is there still someone we can refer to as truly loyal or faithful? Apparently, anyone can cheat on their partners at one point in their relationship. Both men and women are finding themselves feeling uneasy, unsure and unhappy with their partners at one point in their relationship. These emotional distresses become the reasons why people hide in the dark with another mate, and it is just too selfish that they do any measures just to cover up their filthy deeds.

The more shocking truth is even pregnant can cheat on their partners. And when you come to think of it, the safest time indeed to get intimate with another is when you stop having periods. Are they being wise or being nasty to the bones? Here are 15 women who admitted to cheating on their partners, and some of their reasons are absolutely appalling.

#1. This woman at least feels remorseful about the whole affair.

Women are pretty emotional so it’s a bad idea for them to cheat in the first place. Some get too attached – or addicted? – that they can’t stop seeing their cheating mate. The worst part is it’s already too late when they realize they’ve been pursuing the wrong guy.

#2. This girl cheats because she’s being mistreated.

It’s kinda sad to know how some people just won’t regret hurting their partners behind their backs. The more dreadful thing about this though is that they try to find valid reasons to eliminate the guilt so they can continue living with options when the other mistreats them.

#3. Maybe pregnancy has clouded this woman’s judgment.

It’s difficult to cut an addiction and this is probably what this woman went through. She doesn’t even have any reason for seeing another man – an aging neighbor at that. But knowing she managed to make love with him several times, it’s obvious that she was enjoying the warmth of another man.

#4. It’s all about revenge for some women.

This woman is straightforward at saying she cheated because her husband cheated on her too. And so they both got what they want – to have sex while waiting for the baby to come.

#5. A very twisted love affair.

This woman also doesn’t have a proper reason – if there should be any valid reason for cheating – to go down behind her husband’s back. And it’s plain evil to do even do it with your best friend’s boyfriend.

#6. The revenge that turned into addiction.

Is this some kind of nymphomania? This woman was distressed to find out her husband’s cheating on her so she did the same for revenge. But now, she’s unable to stop herself from sexing other guys and her list already has nine men and she’s not planning on stopping anytime.

#7. Sorry but the baby isn’t yours.

This woman’s story is like a scene on a TV drama. Apparently, the fiancé isn’t the baby’s father and he has no idea he’s raising the child his girlfriend cheated on him with.

#8. Boy best friends can be a threat after all.

In this generation, having a boy best friend is already acceptable and their friendship shouldn’t be treated with any malice. Apparently, if you’re aware of the wrong things you do to your girl, you better keep an eye on her because she might exact her revenge using her hot boy best friend.

#9. A lasting affair.

Some girls take advantage of the pleasure they get from another man while they are on their very long “safe period.”

#10. We all keep a dark secret.

Cheating is something that’s hard to admit and this woman has no plans of confessing.

#11. She’s playing innocent.

Pregnancy is the greatest cover up to cheating. Others on this list probably chose hanging out with another bloke while they’re pregnant because there won’t be a solid evidence of their unfaithfulness. This woman, though, has some guts since she took off her undies without knowing she’s safe.

#12. He did it too so why feel sorry?

Should it relieve your guilt for hitting on other guys if you know your guy has done the same?

#13. Yet another innocent man raising another dude’s baby.

They say the truth will always be revealed. Hopefully, this man can keep his calm when he finds out he’s been spending his money on another man’s kid.

#14. It’s either her boyfriend’s dumb or unimaginably forgiving.

When you always use condom when you have sex with your girlfriend but she comes to you saying she’s pregnant…Would you play dumb and raise the baby like your own to save your relationship? Or would you play along and drop the bomb when the baby is out?

#15. When conscience comes to play.

She felt like she deserved better so she clung to another man’s arms. Apparently, she loves her boyfriend so much that her guilt is devouring her sanity. The best thing to do? Probably to confess and prove that you are truly regretful for what you did.

Pregnant women seem to be not in the “proper” condition to skip their partners, but apparently, they do. Perhaps, men should be more watchful or be more compassionate with their partners so they won’t go on secret meetings looking oddly seductive with their baby bumps.

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