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Man Sets Up Ghost Hunting Camera, Catches Wife Having Sex With His Son Instead

One day he forgot to turn it off and when he later reviewed the footage, he saw his son and wife having an affair.

An Australian man who has a penchant for all things paranormal decided to set up a ghost camera in his kitchen. But when he went to review some footage, he was surprised by what he saw. The man forgot to turn off the camera one day and when he checked up on it, the cam recorded some scenes that were too much for him.

Apparently, the man found out that his girlfriend of 11 years has been having an affair with his 16-year-old son. The 28-year-old woman, who has been the man’s “de facto partner” for the past several years, is technically the teen’s stepmother, since she’s known him when he was just nine years old. A court hearing has already occurred at The Tasmanian Supreme Court and the woman pleaded guilty to sex with a minor. She was sentenced six months in prison.

An Australian court heard that the man and his rigged camera caught his partner having sex with his son.

According to Judge David Porter, the woman, who cannot be named, knew the boy since he was a young boy but had been living with her only in 2012. Prosecutors said that the relationship was only discovered in October last year. The woman went into the stepson’s room and they had discussed his driving lessons. It started with some playful tickling, which then led to kissing and eventually sex.

It was also revealed that the illicit affair started last year.

At first, the woman denied that she had an affair with her partner’s son but later on, she confessed that she had sex with the teen on multiple occasions – at least three, as reported by Telegraph.

Despite having been busted, the woman continued the illicit affair for weeks. However, at the court hearing, she said she thought that the age of consent was 16. In Tasmania, the legal age of consent is 17. The woman admitted she is “ashamed and embarrassed at her conduct.”

The woman pleaded guilty to five counts of sex with a minor.

Reportedly, she is now trying to fix her relationship with her partner, with whom she has a child.

A while back, we featured a similar awkward story about a private detective hired to follow man’s wife finds her having sex with his own teen son instead. Check that out.


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