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Student With Cerebral Palsy Struggle In Gym Class. What His Classmates Did Was Powerful!





Children who have disabilities are often discouraged to do anything. Whilst some decide to attend school amidst the high risk of bullying and daily difficulties, some choose to stay at home because their disease would not permit them, or they are simply ashamed of their situation. But this is not the case for an 11-year old boy we found on the Internet.

Matt was diagnosed with cerebral palsy. Although it is very difficult, he chose to go to school and exert his best effort in everything he do. Take for example his gym class. The entire class was required to run a 400-meter-race. More than fulfilling class duties, Matt wanted to show that he could keep up with his classmates despite his physical condition.

During the middle of the run, gym teacher John Blaine, saw that Matt was starting to have a hard time running. So he joined Matt for encouragement. Shortly after, the entire class trailed behind them without any instructions. They were there to show support for Matt until he finished the track.

Watch the video here:

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Matt’s mom was there filiming the entire scene. It was a touching and emotional moment, especially when Matt finally finished his run. What do you think of this video? Let us know in the comment box below and share this post to your family and friends too!

Credits: restoredfaithih via Little Things

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