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Celebrity Fitness Trainer Explains Why Using Treadmill To Lose Weight Is NOT A Good Idea




  • A former Olympic athlete-turned-celebrity fitness trainer is discouraging people about using treadmills as a tool for losing weight.
  • According to Sarah Lindsay, running “just makes everything worse.”
  • A better idea, she explained, is to focus on weight training.

Sarah Lindsay has established her reputation as a fitness trainer to celebrities and as a former Olympic athlete. And she has a message for those planning to use the treadmill to get rid of extra weight because of the lockdowns: it’s best if you just leave it alone.

According to her, the treadmill isn’t exactly the best tool to help you lose excess fat. So as gyms start to reopen in England, she has a different suggestion for people aiming to get back in shape.

“Swerve the treadmill”

Lindsay shared:

“Don’t pound on the treadmill desperately to try and lose weight or spend hours on the bike – it’s a sad state of affairs. “So many people have gained a bit of weight in lockdown and think they’ll run first, and then ‘get toned’ in the gym. But the fundamentals are weight training, regardless of your goal. “This will challenge what people think, but swerve the treadmill. Running just makes everything worse.”

So yes, it’s better to focus your efforts on the weights instead of the running machine.

Furthermore, Lindsay explained that it’s important to have (and stick to) a plan to get the best results.

“If you’re a complete beginner and have never weight trained before, it’s good to have a programme,” she explained. “Don’t try and wing it and make it up – that’s impossible for anyone. Always have a plan.”

Lindsay likewise added:

“If you’re unsure what you’re doing, or have no confidence, practice the moves at home first so that you’re not shy and embarrassed and you don’t have that temptation to just sit on the bike when you get in the gym.”

“Even for the fittest, strongest people, the danger is they go back in the gym, and can lift the same weight they could a year ago – but actually they’ll just pull a muscle,” she also pointed out. “You might be just as strong and be able to pick up the same weight that you could a year ago, but your body simply won’t be conditioned for it.”

Lastly, the trainer emphasized about the importance of patience and recovery.

“It’s about being patient and not expecting too much from yourself,” she remarked. “It’s also really important to recover in between sessions so that you’re not fatigued for the next one. When you’re not training, your focus should be on recovering.”

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