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California Man $6 Million Richer, Thanks To 4 Winning Lottery Tickets

What good has he done to deserve such luck?

When it rains, it pours. This adage can never be truer in the case of a man from Southern California who won more than $6 million dollars in just a span of 6 months.

Some people are probably born plain lucky, just like Antulio Mazariegos. While others can’t help but be frustrated over not winning even a small amount in the lottery, Mazariegos have become richer by more than $6 million dollars after he won the lottery in four different occasions within a period of six months.

Life is a gamble indeed!

Source: YouTube

According to the California Lottery press release, Mazariegos purchased the remaining three California Black Premium Scratchers left at Liquor Bank, located at 16925 Vanowen Street in Van Nuys. Apparently, luck was on Mazariegos’ side as one of the three tickets he purchased won him $5 million!

As if winning the said amount was not enough, it turned out that the two other tickets he purchased along with the one that won him $5 million were also winning tickets, respectively amounting to $1,000 and $600.

He’s definitely one lucky guy.

Source: YouTube

However, there’s more about Mazariegos’ lottery luck. In November last year, he also won $1 million after purchasing another Scratchers ticket at at U.S.A. Donuts, located at 15321 Roscoe Boulevard in Panorama City.

While some must believe that the lucky guy has some sort of charm or amulet, or others suspect that he has a certain strategy for winning the Scratchers card lottery, Mazariegos said that he himself cannot explain the streak of luck he’s been experiencing for the past couple of months.

One thing is certain though: He enjoys playing the Scratchers lottery and has been purchasing tickets for a long time already.

Whatever you believe, there is no denying that life can be so damn good to other people.

Without question, some people are just luckier than the others. It makes us wonder what good
Mazariegos has done in his life for him to enjoy these blessings that pour like rain.


How To Tell If Someone’s Attracted To You, According To Science

There are several telltale indicators of attraction, an in-depth research claims.

No, you don’t have to pick flower petals off just to tell if a person loves you - or loves you not. Thanks to a recent study, we now know there’s actually a more scientific approach that allows you to determine if an individual is attracted to you.

Officially published in the Psychological Bulletin journal, a new research is now being considered as “most comprehensive analysis ever” on the subject of confirming attraction.

Yes, there are several indicators of attraction, according to science.


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Japanese Train Company Apologizes After Train Leaves 25 Seconds Earlier Than Schedule

The company said the mistake was “inexcusable.”

If you frequently ride the train, chances are you’ve gotten used to delays, noise, and all other inconveniences. Overcrowded trains? You’ve probably endured that, too, just so you can commute from place to place without spending much.

As it appears, people in Japan aren’t experiencing the same hassles that we encounter everyday – especially that thing about delays. This has been proven by a recent news report where a railyway company issued a public apology after one of their trains left 25 seconds earlier than schedule.

Yes, folks, you read that right – the train company apologized for leaving a few seconds too early.


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Woman’s Unique “Baby Gender Reveal” Photo Shoot Is The Best Thing EVER!

Now that’s a plot twist no one saw coming!

Baby gender reveal announcements are always exciting – and this woman may have probably come up with the most creative one ever. In fact, everyone Joy Stone’s photo shoot and it eventually went viral on social media.

What makes this ‘gender reveal’ special, you ask? Well you need to check out the adorable images below.

Joy Stone contacted her photographer friend Carlye Allen for a ‘baby reveal’ photo shoot.


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