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He Was Bullied At School For Grieving His Father’s Death. What He Did Next Blew Us Away.





At some point in time, we will encounter something or someone who will change us forever including the way we perceive life. This is probably what happen to Josh. Life took a wrong turn when one of the precious people in his life died, his father. What made it worst is the fact that he is being bullied in school. For a boy like Josh, the hardest part is trying to fit in to a world that doesn’t seem to notice that he exists or would regard him as the weird one, uncool or outcast.

For some going through situations like this, they easily give in to fear and anger. Others would resort to doing negative acts such as revenge, drugs, suicide and whatnot. As for Josh, he did exactly what a kind soul would do. He surprised everyone with a little act of kindness which changed  his life, the way people see him and encouraged them to be like him.

He was bullied and hurt yet these things didn’t stop him to live and be the voice of those who can’t speak for fear that they wouldn’t be accepted. Josh really lives up to the phrase, “Kill them with kindness,” and he did nail it.

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