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Student Uses Banana Leaf to Write Notes in Class Since He Can’t Afford a Notebook




  • A teacher discovered that one of her students has an interesting alternative as a notebook.
  • The young boy has gathered banana leaves and was using it to copy notes from his class.
  • Sadly, the young man can’t afford a notebook but is still determined to get an education.

Most students have the luxury of having their school supplies being bought by their parents for them. Unfortunately, some children are not so lucky but one boy is determined not to let poverty get in his way. The young boy chose to improvise when he couldn’t afford a notebook. As an amazing alternative, he gathered banana leaves just so he could write down his notes in class.

Erlande Monter is a student at the Lianga National Comprehensive School in the Philippines who is determined to get an education. His diligence was proven when he couldn’t afford a notebook to write on. Instead, the clever boy decided to take some banana leaves and use them as his writing pad. The young man’s story was shared by his teacher Arcilyn Azarcon on Facebook.

Me: Get your notebook and copy the writings on the board.Students: (Students are writing✍️📝)Me: (after I write on the…

Posted by Arcilyn Balbin Azarcon Lpt on Sunday, November 17, 2019

According to Azarcon, she had instructed her students to start copying their notes. While looking around, he discovered Monter using the banana leaves. However, the boy was not embarrassed with his makeshift notebook. He even joked about his teacher checking on his notes to make sure he copied them properly.

Azarcon’s post has since gone viral and people are cheering on Monter for his ingenuity. Amazingly, the young student revealed that he is set on becoming a soldier when he grows up, which is why he wants to get a proper education. Although his family is poor, the boy is strongly determined not to let poverty get in the way of his dreams.

The student even added some cute doodles to his notes.

Monter’s story is truly an inspiration for anyone who thinks that being poor is a huge obstacle in reaching one’s dreams. Hopefully, the young student will continue to use his smarts in finally achieving his goals in life.

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