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He Traveled Around The World to Create a Sweet Proposal For His Pretty Girlfriend





They say that finding love is similar to having an expedition to the lost world – with limited sense of direction and with the least amount of anticipation. While many would believe that having a taste of forever may be close to never, this unlikely couple met all the odds yet successfully defined the true existence of what true love really means.

Meet the new darling of the crowd Tomey Algrably, who fell head over heels for a Filipina named April and who literally traveled the corners of the world just to be able to document the most momentous stage of their relationship. Being completely blown away by cupid’s arrow, Tomey did the most thematic around-the-world-proposal like no other. As he made fun memories in various Asian countries like Hong Kong, Thailand, Philippines, and even Israel, little did April know that their relationship was about to take things to a higher notch and everything memorable, he captured in his videos.

So what exactly did he do? Well, a movie’s success won’t be a talk of the town without the help of a strategic teaser prior the main launch of the movie. And with that, Tomey made sure that everything is very well-placed before popping the big question. Convincing innocent April to watch a simple teaser was a piece of cake, but making her stop crying as she began to watch the short video was quite impossible.

Watch the video:

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They say that not all are lucky enough to meet the right one. However, many still believe that finding the right one means that the timing is always right—never too early and never too late. No matter the distance, love added with faith will always be right.

H/T: Tomer Algrably, WeReblog

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