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Woman Fakes Blindness For Over 15 Years To Scam £1M Benefits

Her husband “didn’t have a clue.”

  • Christina Pomfrey, 65, has been arrested for faking her blindness and being wheelchair-bound.
  • She has scammed the government more than £1 million for the past 15 years.

A 65-year-old woman from England has been folling the governmennt and her husband all along. According to reports, Christina Pomfrey of Runcorn, Cheshire has managed to steal a total of over £1 million for the past 15 years after faking her blindness and being wheelchair-bound.

Apparently, Christina stole the personal details of her sister, daughter-in-law and even her husband’s deceased first wife. As a result of the fraud, she was receiving up to £13,000 each month out of disability living allowance, housing benefit, and income support.

60-year-old John Pomfrey, Christina’s third husband, eventually confessed that he was entirely clueless about her illegal activities.

According to John, he met Christina at a disco in Lincolnshire. They eventually tied the knot. In an interview with the Daily Mail, he shared:

“People think I must have known what she was up to and where all the money went, but the answer to both is I don’t have a clue. She has destroyed my life and I cannot forgive her. She is the craftiest woman I have ever known.”

He also added that when they met, she claimed to be a millionaire who had seven newsagents across Liverpool. Months after their initial meeting, she even purchased an MG car for him. They also went on lavish vacations, with her funding the trips.

“I insisted I wanted to pay half after the first couple of times. I now think she picked on me because I was another name, in another county, that she could use for her cons. I feel a fool,” he said.

Authorities placed Christina under surveillance in 2017 as they followed her around to observe her daily routine, confirming she didn’t have any physical disabilities.

She immediately pleaded “guilty of everything” upon her arrest and has since been sentenced to a jail time of 3 years and 8 months.


Muslim Woman Files Complaint After Starbucks Barista Wrote ‘ISIS’ On Her Cup

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  • She felt "enraged, humiliated, and belittled" because of the incident.
  • The manager of the shop, however, saw "no issue" in the incident, saying baristas "get (customers') names wrong all the time."

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Huge 450-Pound Fish Pulls 2 Anglers Off Their Boat

Now that’s an unforgettable catch!

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