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Big Tipper Strikes Again. Leaves a Whopping $2,000 Tip On a $50 Bill!

Tips for Jesus strikes again!


This check will surely leave a server or group of servers with fat wallets and huge smiles after work! Apparently, the do-gooder took the “Parable of the Good Samaritan” to the most profound place of his/ her heart.

The Good Samaritan is believed to be behind the “Tips for Jesus” an Instagram account that show posts of different acts of kindness to the humanity. In their previous posts, followers of the account has seen several number of checks issued as tips to restaurants in insanely high amounts. Earlier this week, the anonymous tipper left an enormous $2,000 tip on a $50 bill after dining at a Tacolicious in San Francisco, California.

Regardless of who is behind “Tips for Jesus”, the anonymous tipper definitely made the new year of that server even happier. Apart from paying the $50.74 bill, the diner left the server of the San Francisco restaurant with a whopping $2,000 tip. The picture of the receipt was then found posted on Instagram which was confirmed to the San Francisco Chronicle as real by the staff member of Tacolicious.


Photo credit: TipsForJesus / Instagram

The Good Samaritan behind the huge, generous tips remained nameless but SFGate speculated that the leader of the group of hefty tippers is Jack Selby, the former PayPal Vice President. As of the moment, this speculation is unconfirmed because no one stepped into the light to reveal the person behind the enormous tips.

Although the anonymous tipper permitted to be interviewed by San Francisco Magazine in February 2014, the publication maintained the anonymity of the generous diner. In the interview, he revealed that he is involved in the movement of about 10-plus diners. The act of tipping hefty tips is not related to any religion rather serve as an inspiring undertaking that aims to motivate people to be generous to others.

Since the creation of Tips for Jesus on Instagram in September 2013, the Good Samaritan has left more than $150,000 tips to unsuspecting servers in numerous restaurants across the US and Mexico. This includes the jaw-dropping $10,000 tip given by the kind-hearted stranger on an $89.89 bill at restaurant in Crudo, Phoenix on December 27, 2014.


Man Builds a Mobile Tiny House, How Did He Fit Everything Inside? INCREDIBLE!

This tiny house looks plain, but wait till you see the interior…

Some people are fond of shopping stuffs every day until one day they would realize they have collected a lot of unnecessary things which are all piled up in the corner, cramped inside the bins or under their bed. Thus, SF Globe looked for ways to help homeowners consider simple living – away from junks and knick-knacks you don’t need after all.

Tiny living is a principle adopted by Chris Heininge who came from a family of skilled designers, artists and craftsman. For the record, his family has built and designed more than 100 houses in Arizona, Washington and Oregon. Most of their projects offer simple living experience which caught remarkable attention from old and new homebuyers.

Chris’ craftsmanship was influenced by the traditions and cultures of India, Macau, Hong Kong and Japan where he served as a Christian Missionary in his teenage years. He was greatly inspired of the beautiful and simple life of the Japanese people who do not overcrowd their homes with material objects.

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Upset Wife Gets An Unexpected Surprise From Husband Who ‘Forgot’ Their Anniversary

It’s hard to believe he was able to keep such a huge secret away from her!

Giving gifts during wedding anniversaries have always been a tradition for many. Somehow, the mere fact that a couple remembers and celebrates their relationship helps strengthen their bond as husband and wife.

However, picking the best gift for your partner is not always easy. Generally speaking, you really have to know your partner well enough to come up with a great idea. Not to mention that you need to take advantage of the element of surprise!

Well what the husband did in the video below is just amazing. He simply knows what his wife needs at exactly the right moment. After working hard for a living, the husband knows that his wife deserves another vacation. Without his wife’s knowledge, he has been secretly planning the trip all along. 

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Smile When Your Battery is Low… Why? Watch This Inspiring Video.

Can we Auto-Correct humanity?


Let's face it, in the past years, social media has truly become a part of our daily lives but for some people it really goes over the top. And as the result of over-using social networks, most people tends to lose human contact.

The raptivist behind the highly motivational video, "Meaning of life by Third Graders", have created another clip that went viral because of its powerful message. In this inspiring video entitled "Low Battery", Prince Ea talks about why the world should not let technology and social media have all the control. He says "You don't need to delete your social networks or destroy your cell phones, the message is simple, be balanced, be mindful, be present, be here."

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